Demystifying Thoughts: On Cooking/Caking Where Tools Are Scarce (Circa 2010)

Visualize yourself in a place where the right tools for your passion are scarce and even the transportation setup are not that amicable. Back in Manila, whenever I feel the need to buy an ingredient I would be in the grocery store in less than five minutes. I have thought about when I used to pass by a famous kitchen depot in Gateway en route to buying groceries at Rustan’s and it made me comprehend that if I could turn back time I would have taken advantage of those moments and looked into it. Now that I have recently found my zeal in caking, it is just so challenging being here where information technology is definitely very much advanced but the cooking/baking gears are not. Anyone here who has the same fervor as mine would have to make use of the available equipments that are surprisingly--and exceedingly—overpriced. I went to this baking shop one time that a friend suggested, and I was ecstatic to find a cutter that I’ve been searching for a long time and bought it although it was quite pricey. I was going to make a cake that night and I thought it would look better if I use my new cutter with it. But as soon as I started pressing it, it broke down and I was perturbed... so I have no choice but to think of another way to cope with the device malfunction.

When you struggle, you lose a piece of yourself and you find another part of you has been developed; because when you are strained, you find ways to survive and you realize that you are able to make some impossible things possible in the process

But through this medium, I have also discovered a portion of myself that I was not fully aware I posses... patience. Yes, I don’t like waiting in line too long, I can’t stand traffic if I’m driving, and I can’t bear being behind time or waiting for others who are late. However, realizing that I have been designing a cake for more than 5 hours or even a whole day, it did made me feel that, "oo nga noh... mahaba pala pasensha ko". There was also a time where I started constructing a cake from 4pm until 6am the next day (yes.. took me that long on one occasion) since I was having difficulty with my cutters and I had to improvise using some available paraphernalia’s at hand. I have also noticed that somehow I do have a knack for a little art as much as I think that I am a doomed when it comes to decorating. (lol)

One of the best lessons I have learned from the exceptional chefs in the culinary school is that if the food you are preparing looks appetizing, then it should definitely please the palate of the diners too. Everyone is entitled to have a meal that not only looks good, but it should taste decent, and would make them feel better with every bite. So for those who have no idea about how people in this industry works, please do some research first before concluding a negative reaction towards the matter. I truly admire and I am very inspired by those who have been in this trade for so long that I don’t let a day pass by without looking at their amazing creations. Having a good imagination is helpful but possessing the capability to skillfully produce a product out of it is another. So guys, the next time you question about fondant cakes, kindly explore the subject first and think of the time and effort each cake artist have committed themselves to present you that ideal cake you fancy.

Just sharing... :-)

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