Local Growth Focus - Philippines

We desire to infuse the best of both worlds-- local and international--that our customers may enjoy great dining at a reasonable cost. Hence, our menu’s creation also conforms with our family’s fondness for travel in mind, as we have been captivated by the connection experience at the cafés across Europe and America.


We have curated the names of our food & drinks from some popular European terms such as Ma Chérie (My Sweetheart), and Belgian Amour (Belgian Love).


We have created The Boss Babe latte that is inspired by highly-motivated women who resolves to flourish in all aspects of their existence--self, family, career, and community.

Who We Are

Our team's passion for food & beverage coupled with a strong background in service-oriented professions, and non-profit organizations, have inspired us to create a warm space that bridge connections and encourage conversations over comfort dining.


KAFF was born after we have identified the most common thing that we love as a family--coffee and conversations. To date, we have been getting rave reviews and organic followers in social media from customers in our first location.

What to expect: Strong Filipino Pride

We are driven to remind our customers what they love about local concepts through an enhanced traditional experience since Philippines is globally well-known for exceptional hospitality.


We are not just a place for casual food and beverage, but we aspire to leave a rewarding cultural footprint with foreign guests.


What’s unique about KAFF is that it remains committed to its vision and mission--to provide quality yet affordable F&B, and an engaged service that would add value to one’s everyday life. It is deeply important to have everyone on board aligned with it. We are all huge personal growth advocates!


When you dine with us, you will be pleasantly surprised by our recipe to make you feel like it's home.

Homegrown Coffee

Our beans are locally sourced from Batangas that is blended perfectly with 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta.

Comfort Food

We have curated a menu that would satisfy every guest’s fancy for comfort food at a reasonable cost.

Hospitable Staff

Our team are well-trained to give the best dining experience.